Month: August 2021

Birds Aren’t Real

I have been fond of birds since I was a child. I have special memories of bird-watching in the backyard with my grandpa. Two parakeets lived in a cage in my bedroom in 5th grade. My daughter’s name means: beautiful bird. You can imagine,… Continue Reading “Birds Aren’t Real”

Share Your Torch

“I felt like I could be an Olympic champ, so I kept going. I did it! … In my wildest of dreams I knew!” Tamyra Menshah-Stock Interview after winning the 2021 Olympic Gold in Women’s Wrestling I love watching people do what makes them… Continue Reading “Share Your Torch”

Day 36 of #75HARD

I recently completed 36 days of #75HARD. I am not a fan of “all or nothing” challenges. I think perfectionism keeps many from achieving their goals. However, I needed a focus amid physical pain and a resulting lifestyle change, and I knew that this… Continue Reading “Day 36 of #75HARD”

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