Day 36 of #75HARD

I recently completed 36 days of #75HARD. I am not a fan of “all or nothing” challenges. I think perfectionism keeps many from achieving their goals. However, I needed a focus amid physical pain and a resulting lifestyle change, and I knew that this was the program for that goal. These are the rules:

Additionally, I was informed that the vascular malformation that makes its home inside my left humerus has grown immensely. The blood tumor has eroded my bone almost completely from shoulder to elbow, and the rod placed five years ago has become a live-in enemy. I had a second biopsy to ensure the tumor was not cancer. Thankfully, I am cancer-free.

As an active single mom, a social and competitive dancer, a weight lifter, and a yogi; this has forced me to make life-altering changes.

I wrote in my Parental Alienation Series how important it is to put your mind and body to intense work when dealing with grief. This tip was for handling the loss of a child, however, loss takes many forms, and this practice is highly beneficial no matter what we face.

So after a short setback and sorry for myself session, I plunged into #75HARD. I worked out twice a day. The first: a walk to breathe fresh air and put my bare feet in the grass. The second: lifting and stretching without using my left arm. I was in pain and weary from the biopsy most of these days. I did it anyway.

I read, I focused, I time managed, I drank a ton of water and I ate clean. My body and mind are thankful.

So, I know Andy Frisella, the founder of the program says I “failed,”… and just like last time, it feels amazing.

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