Vulnerable, Savage, Gritty & Dangerous. That’s why.

Writing is Vulnerable, Savage, Gritty, and Dangerous. That is why I do it.

I recently started publishing poems that I began writing at age 10. I have toted around journals for over three decades in which I neatly copied the poems that I had scribbled onto any loose paper in my reach. It’s miraculous that I still have these precious keepsakes; I’ve lived a place or two.

But there is something I no longer have: My entire life, handwritten in real-time, penned in journals, stored in boxes.

I don’t know what life is like without a notebook in my bag or sleep without visiting said notebook- my best friend. But in 2016, an ugly, weasel of a man threw away every one of my written memories, except the poetry journals that had in my possession.

And now here’s the vulnerable, perhaps savage confession: I grieved the loss of those written memories more than the 15-year marriage. This may not make sense to the average reader. If not, an explanation won’t do any good. If you get it, you get it.

I’ve had to push through this grief just to crack open the pages of my childhood poems because, though celebrated, they remind me of a painful and detrimental loss. I have to tell the inner voices to stfu, that I may *not* have read, published, learned from, shared with my children and grandchildren, or reminisced about years that I no longer recall.

I must keep my chin up and my eyes ahead and stay grateful for the memories that I now make and for the words that I now write. And, the story isn’t over. Dare I say this is dangerous? Hope so.

I’m gritty. I can do it. I have done it.

I’ve labeled this juvenile rhymey-timey collection, “The Works of Erin Galloway. You can find the start of this bunny trail here. I hope you enjoy.

UPDATE! My son called – and it altered this story! Read about it at: Vulnerable, Savage, Gritty & Dangerous – UPDATE.

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2 Comments on “Vulnerable, Savage, Gritty & Dangerous. That’s why.

  1. So sorry to hear about your husband’s betrayal. But I’m glad you managed to preserve the poems of your youth. I hope you find much encouragement in them… and in the new inspirations that you encounter each day.

    That’s a pretty interesting video. She is definitely talented, and many of the images are quite creative and entertaining. However, it seems to me the underlying (or overarching) sentiment is one of futility. Yes, she says, you won’t be alone, but even the final scene is of destruction… without hope.

    I understand how this video can feel cathartic. I really can. But don’t let it offer the final word on your future. God has better plans for you than just standing fast as the “world blows up.”

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