Dragon Slayers

Eyes roamed to and fro as dragons scorched the land

Who is equipped to fight of all the sons of man? 

Searching for the warriors; weapons forged with tears

That He collected and protected in His bottle all these years.

It appeared they were defeated as fire raged around

A call rang out throughout the land but not all could hear the sound.

Others had been training through their trials and by prayers 

Them, and their children, sent to be the dragon slayers. 

A mighty army uprising marching out as one

Driving out the darkness-the light will not be overcome. 

The ending had been written, penned in blood, given for all

In the time of dragons, dragon slayers, answering the call. 

Poem by Erin Galloway. September 19, 2021

Cover photo by Adam Wilson on Unsplash

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