Natural Hot Springs in Glenwood Springs, Colorado

I normally wake up at 6:00 am, sans alarm, tweet-tweet. This particular morning it was 5:00 am because I was about to cross an item off of my bucket list.

Our Stay at Hotel Colorado

A web search revealed a non-commercialized hot springs a short fifteen minute drive from our hotel: the old, grand and allegedly haunted Hotel Colorado located in Glenwood Springs.

This vintage hotel opened in 1893 and through it’s years has served as a Naval hospital, a jail, and luxurious accomodations for gangsters to United States Presidents.

Our Drive to Hot Springs

We ordered a coffee and headed toward the springs at sunrise. It was difficult to find but we finally noticed the faint beginnings of a dirt path and a sign nailed to a tree warning: “Smile, you’re on camera.” Highly doubtful.

I grabbed my blanket for a towel, because why pack essentials, and we meandered down the path, soon spotting steam colliding with the cool September air.

Full disclosure, I was a tad hesitant about health and sanitation as I poked my toes in the water, buuut a little risk makes it more fun, am I right? Right?? The water felt to be about 100F and grew hotter closer to the source. A few places along the sandy bottom burnt my skin if I let my foot linger.

About a twenty minute soak did the trick. I jumped out, wrapped myself in my blanket and tramped back to the car, now cold.

As I was changing behind my car door an old retro-fitted ambulance pulled up in front of us; kayaks strapped to the top and bikes strapped to the back. Now I am cold, half naked and jealous.

A long haired man with a beard to match hopped out of the ambulance dressed in cut off jeans, flip flops, a towel thrown over his shoulder and a smile as big as the sunrise that had just taken place. Here for his morning soak…or bath…

I wanted a conversation with this guy.

Travel Recommendations

While this adventure made me smile, I would not add it to my recommendation list unless you are in the area, which we were not, or unless you’re odd like me and visiting a natural hot springs is on your bucket list. If that’s the case be sure to catch the sunrise, and, to keep your eye out for an old retro-fitted ambulance.

Thanks for visiting The Jar! For more Colorado adventures visit Old Fall River Road and Home On The Range, Laporte, Colorado.

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