Vulnerable, Savage, Gritty, Dangerous, That’s Why – UPDATE

My oldest son needed to talk. A miracle considering our current relationship. Read about that at My Parental Alienation Story.

We met, and amid our chat, he casually mentioned that his dad had asked him to clean out the garage. My post Vulnerable, Savage, Gritty, Dangerous, That’s Why was fresh, my emotions raw, and I practically begged him, “If anything in that garage is mine, please let me have it.”

A few days later a text stopped me in my tracks: “Mom, you have a lot of stuff here.” 

I raced over to find an extra-large storage bin, beat up, lid taped on top, awaiting me in the yard, and my ex’s truck bed full of “trash” to be hauled away.

I’m sure I looked like a mess as I threw off my jacket and crawled into the truck, sorting through the debris. Thrown up against the corner was a small piece of my grandma’s silver. Buried in a box and wrapped in crumpled paper were decorations that we shared. Digging deeper, I uncovered crafts and scrapbooks, my babies’ footprints on canvas, and more.

My son stuffed my car with my collections and the tote and I drove away in disbelief.

The bin looked like someone had taken a trash can and emptied it inside, but I found among the trash things like yearbooks, my college degree, pictures and videos of my kids, and two childhood journals along with a few journals from my early 20’s.

I wiped the tears off my face again; joy for what I received and pain for the journals that I still didn’t.

I ask myself, what if my son wouldn’t have called? What if he wouldn’t have mentioned his task? Would I have gotten the chance to get my things?

These two blessings: a conversation and keepsakes are why I write posts like Recounting God’s Faithfulness, and why I believe that there will always be more reasons to write.

Thank you for visiting The Jar!

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