FB Name Changes to End F*** Biden Chant

Facebook talks name change in an attempt for “FB” to not remind the public to chant F*** Biden.

Facebook CEO, Mark Zuckerberg, announced yesterday that Facebook is changing certain divisions of its company name to Meta. Some speculate that this change is due to legal issues against the organization. Others theorize it is to keep up with current cultural trends.

The exposed truth, however, is that the tech giant aka government must change its name because FB too closely resembles a popular chant sweeping the United States and beyond: Fuck (Joe) Biden.

In a secret undercover interview, an unknown and not verified whistleblower is imagined to have said, “We cannot allow FB to be seen by millions of people daily. The chanting has gotten out of control. We are changing the name of the company and we are confident that the chanting will now end.”

Some have said that this is a weak attempt to “re-Brandon” the company.

Only time will tell the success of such a change.

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