10 Dating Tips For Men From Her to Him

Ah, dating advice. It can be found everywhere and it probably feels like you’ve tried it all. How do you know what advice will actually work? These 10 dating tips are observations from this blogger’s real-life dates. Give them a try and comment if these tips helped you to land the girl.

10 Dating Tips From this Blogger’s Dates

1. 🚿 Shower. Ok? Ok.
2. Clean out your 🚘 car. One man – boy’s – backseat was submerged in trash. I saw a sign sticking out announcing, I put in no effort. Next. ➡️ Cleanliness, and effort, matter.
3. Tell the truth. I’m 35, he declared, babbling about classic rock music. I questioned him immediately, but dude had a story and was sticking to it. So, what year did you graduate? I later asked. He forgot. 🤥 🧢 Don’t be that guy.
4. Make Eye 👁 Contact. No eye contact is a 🚩 red flag. He locked eyes with everything except me. When I declined a second date this man threw a child-like tantrum bemoaning that no one likes him and never will. Maybe because that 👆, I responded. Red flag saved the day.
5. Pay. I know, old school. But on an actual date, pay. And when she offers to pay because she’s an independent woman, pay anyway. 🌷
6. Ask to ☕️ coffee, not dinner. It’s a pass to a first-date dinner invite, and I regret when I bend my rule – as in money guy below👇. An entire meal on a weekend evening with a stranger: that’s a commitment. Keep it short and simple and make us hungry for more.
7. Impress her, but not with 💵 money. It was awkward how he devised a way to reveal the price of his house. If you have to tell me you have money, you don’t have money.
8. Skip 🍻 alcohol. Personal preference, but I rather the first few dates, at least, be dry. I want to know if there is a real connection, crutch-free. 
9. Dress appropriately 🥾 . Like it or not, how you dress speaks volumes. It’s not required to be the most stylish, but try to be. 
10. Don’t do it 🙅‍♀️. (Date…. I mean 😉.)

Give these tips and try and share them with your friends! For more dating advice visit: 8 Dating Rules for Women in the Apocalypse and Don’t be a Florence and Other Vintage Dating Advice that Should be Used Today.

Reader’s Dating Tips

“My #1 overall tip is don’t be ashamed to seek professional help. If you wanted to get better at something, it’s perfectly reasonable to get coaching just like you do in sports, dance, etc.”@kentee817

“Guys can be in a relationship or be right (about anything.) But never both.”@GaryGoode

Dating tip #1. Shut up. She doesn’t care about your car / sports / what you made last year / how you are “the best” at ____. Stop talking. She can’t judge you when she has minimal info due to you being the “silent type.”@AliciaDawn

“So you think you’re spongeworthy 🧽?”@TomBont

If you have a dating tip, please share! 🥰👇 Thanks for visiting!

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