Grow Spiritually Stronger Every Morning with Meditation

An old hymn reminds, He’s as close as the mention of His name. God is as close as the breath that we breathe. He dwells inside of us, and meditation helps us find Him.

Meditation is a powerful tool helping to observe our thoughts and emotions and become more in tune with God.

💪 Do this: Sit or lay still and close your eyes. Breathe in through your nose for 4-counts and exhale from your mouth for 6-counts. Repeat five times while focusing on your breath.

To take your meditation practice a step further visit my post: How to Meditate for Beginners.

Spiritual growth comes through consistency. A little bit of somethin’ is better than a whole lot of nothin’. Daily morning investments will, in time, build a stronger spiritual life.

Thank you for visiting The Jar! ✨ Please comment if you have meditation tips or if meditation has helped you on your spiritual journey. 🧘🏻

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