February 25, 1942 – Etty Hillesum

80 years ago today. Wednesday.

“I opened my Bible at random, but it gave me no answers this morning. Just as well, because there were no questions, just enormous faith and gratitude that life should be so beautiful, and that makes this a historic moment, that and not the fact that Spier and I are on our way to the Gestapo this morning.”

– An Interrupted Life and Letters from Westerbork.

Gestapoa secret-police organization employing underhanded and terrorist methods against persons suspected of disloyalty


Gestapo: The Geheime Staatspolizei, abbreviated Gestapo, was the official secret police of Nazi Germany and in German-occupied Europe. The force was created by Hermann Göring in 1933 by combining the various security police agencies of Prussia into one organisation.


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