Big Plate Energy

Umm. I quickly saved this photo after finding it in a home-for-sale listing. I mean, is this real?

A massive plate with a human-sized diameter is proudly displayed in this house. Instead of a dining room table, topped with typical tableware, placed under the chandelier, as everyone else would, they said, to hell with that and chose one giant plate instead. That checks out. Makes perfect sense.

I can imagine the conversations that took place in that living room; said in a NPR accent:

That’s one, big, plate.

I’ve never seen such a big…plate.

How would you even fit that plate in…the door.

Maybe they are compensating for their little…bowls.

But the plate, well, he is just sitting there doing his thing from his larger-than-life easel, not giving AF. If he could talk, he would nonchalantly declare in an Asian accent, go ahead and stare, at least I’m doing something worth talking about. Whatever the conversation, it is clear the company was not invited to dinner.

I gotta say, I like this BPE: Big Plate Energy. This is what we need this year, big energy with an attitude that asserts, We don’t care what people think – we’re doing our thing.

So what if there are times we look ridiculous and out of place – we’re doing our thing. People may stare, talk, ridicule, and expect us to be different. Or, they may ignore us and do none of the above – we stand proud and keep doing our thing.

We might not fit in, check out, or make sense to anyone else. Maybe we are compensating. Doesn’t matter. Here we are. We take up space – we live big – we make our presence known. We’re. Doing. Our. Thing.

That’s one big plate, they would say.

BPE, we would smirk, in our best bad-ass accent.

Speaking of Asian – 2022 marks 10 years since I lived in Japan! This post kicks off a series of Japanese-related posts, pictures, and oddities from a former ex-pat. Tanoshi!

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