Texas Replaces Vehicles with Horses Amid Gas Price Spike

All eyes are on Texas roads tomorrow, as it will not be an ordinary day. The Department of Public Safety, DPS, has unanimously endorsed horses and horse-drawn carriages to replace vehicles on all Texas highways and byways.

This decision comes amid gas price spikes that leave consumers feeling the pinch at the pump.

“It’s a win-win,” states Jacob Yeager, a driver for the new horse and buggy Uber service known as Hoober. “The public will be happy with no need to buy gas, and the government will have another excuse to keep the pipeline closed.”

Due to these reasons and more, the decision to blast the country back to 1915 is giving rise to a bipartisan celebration.

But, don’t get too excited, warns local authorities, nothing is, of course, free. Lawmakers have proposed bills that will require plates, tags, inspections, speed limits and fines to riders, horses, and buggies found not in compliance. One ticket that will not be a concern is littering, as there is no law to scoop horse poop.

Tomorrow will be a big day in Texas as it once again leads the country in diplomacy and innovation. Just remember before you make those weekend plans, don’t drink and ride.

One Comment on “Texas Replaces Vehicles with Horses Amid Gas Price Spike

  1. I wish I can just ride a horse to work too. I was shocked yesterday that full tank means $50 dollars more that what I paid last Feb. my Son said, “Tesla, Dad.” If only Tesla is cheap. Great post! Thanks.

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