March 12, 1942-Etty Hillesum

80 years ago today.

“If you have a rich inner life, I would have said, there probably isn’t all that much difference between the inside & outside of a camp. Would I be able to live up to such sentiments? There are few illusions left to us. Life is going to be very hard. We shall be torn apart, all who are dear to one another. I don’t think the time is very far off now. We shall have to steel ourselves inwardly more and more.”

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Building in Amsterdam in the background with rusted bike

Etty unexpectantly met up with an ex-lover for a walk in the park. She speaks positively about this occasion, thankful for the time together, and notes that people always find a way back to each other.

Sadly, this was most likely the last time Etty saw her dear friend. As they were departing Etty wanted to say this to Max but they were too far away. She finished her thoughts in her diary.

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Cover photo created by @erinmelissagal

Photo by Tabea Schimpf on Unsplash

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