Don’t be a Florence and Other Vintage Dating Advice That Should Be Used Today

Dating is hard, but no wonder! We’re doing it all wrong, well, us women anyway. Stick around to the end of this post for a tale about how proper women act out on the town.

Follow these Vintage Dating Tips to Find your Perfect Modern Partner.

1. Don’t sit in awkward positions & look bored

Man and woman on a date talking from the 1930s, black and white

Who do you think you are, woman, sitting weird and looking bored. For the love of men, get yourself together. #imintrouble #thendontbeboring

2. Don’t be a careless woman

Man and woman dancing in 1930s

Careless women never appeal to gentlemen. Don’t talk while dancing, for when a man dances, he wants to dance. #iwannadancewithsomebody 🤐

3. Obey the man-lap rules, naturally

Advice to young girls about dating from 1916.

Only sit in a man’s lap if invited, unless over 30, thus, desperate. Then, by all means, find a lap. 👀 #whotheycallingdesperate

4. Men deserve our full attention

Did he do anything to earn attention? Doesn’t matter; he deserves it. Why? Because he’s a he, of course. Give the man what he deserves.

5. Don’t be a Florence

Vintage photo of a girl flirting with two boys.

Now presenting a completely-made-up-except-for-the-true-parts tale about how proper women act out on the town.

two women dressed in 1920s attire at a party

My friend here in pink, she’s the Real McCoy, I tell ya. I’m the jane in black, showing my gams. Some take me for a moll, and I think that’s the bee’s knees.

We hit this juice joint, and it was the cat’s meow. There we sat, upright and pretty, in case some bo was watching. Yea, we’re a couple of hoofers, but no one knew it. We sipped our giggle water, a tad too much for proper gals, and enjoyed all that jazz!

We tried to not be a Florence with our eager eyes, but we hoped to run into a sheik or a flyboy. We met a couple of cake-eaters, all right. We plopped right down on their laps and gave them our full attention. Naturally, we over thirty dames are desperate to land a man.

We sure were a hotsy-totsy couple of owls, alright. My friend wants to visit that gin-mill again. And how!

Confused? Get a wiggle on over to I’m Bringing Vintage Slang Back. Those Other Words Don’t Know How to Act for these 1920s slang definitions – let’s bring them back!

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