Christian Pastor Preaches Jesus is the Way to Heaven

All eyes are on a particular pulpit this week, as a Christian pastor preached Jesus is the only way to heaven.

The pastor, who wishes to stay anonymous, hopes to redefine Christianity in America to: Those who believe in Jesus Christ and follow his teachings. But many in the Christian church disagree.

“Blasphemy,” said one church elder. “We didn’t hire him to preach nonsense.” “Outrageous!” agreed another. “A complete embarrassment to our faith and organization. Where did he get this ridiculous notion?”

Sources close to the pastor say he might have gotten this bizarre idea from the Bible.

Today, congregants introduced a petition to remove the pastor for his heinous crime. It appears, though, he will not go without a fight. A plan is in the works to appeal to the denominational conference, but officials say it will only lead to a dead-end. The Bishop’s recent announcement – Jesus is not the literal son of God- leaves little hope for one weary man.

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