Psycho-Cybernetics Book Review

Title: Psycho-Cybernetics Updated and Expanded
Published: 1960. Updated and expanded, 2015
Author: Maxwell Maltz, MD, FICS
Genre: Non-fiction / Self-Help
Page count: 310

Self-image shapes our personality, happiness, and success. We can change our self-image thereby changing our future. The way we do this is to give our brains, which operate somewhat like machines, the correct data. Maltz relates this idea to programming a missile to hit a target. The missile will aim for the set location and will correct itself several times in route to stay on course.

We program our brains by visualizing desires until we have the feeling of success. Our brains do not know the difference and will kick in and act accordingly. While striving toward our goals, we will correct course several times as we learn. But when the brain has the correct data, we will reach our desired destination.

Maltz, a plastic surgeon by trade, uses medical, scientific, and case studies from his practice to prove the life-changing effects of his methods. He then lays out how to apply these methods to real-life situations.


I was surprised to find a Christian undertone and worldview in this book. Maltz sprinkles Biblical scriptures and teachings to strengthen theories or ideas about the human psyche. 

  • There seems to be unnecessary repetition of ideas.
  • If you are not comfortable with Christian references then small parts of this book may not sit well with you.
  • I suggest setting aside an ample amount of time to read this book as some chapters call for a reread to grasp the concepts and applications.
The Take-Away:

Psycho-Cybernetics has stood the test of time for a reason. I recommend this book to anyone serious about changing the trajectory of their life. It extends hope in situations that may seem out of control. I find the few religious references to be encouraging and life-giving and fit well within the text.

You will finish this book armed with immediate and practical applications. Many well-known self-help gurus have built their work on the writings of Maxwell Maltz. Not surprising, as over 35 million copies of Psycho-cybernetics have sold worldwide. 

Readers Reviews:

“Dude, love that book! It has done wonders for me.” – SV

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