May 18, 1942-Etty Hillesum

80 years ago today.

“The threat grows ever greater, & terror increases from day to day. I draw prayer round me like a dark protective wall, withdraw inside it as one might into a convent cell & then step outside again, calmer & stronger & more collected again. I can imagine times to come when I shall stay on my knees for days on end waiting until the protective walls are strong enough to prevent my going to pieces altogether, my being lost and utterly devastated.”

Etty Hillesum

Etty’s full journal entry from today.

I can’t imagine the horrors this generation witnessed. I am saddened and encouraged by Etty’s words. She knew she couldn’t face the days alone, and she knew where to turn for strength.

I examine my own life and wonder what could be different in my life and others’ lives if I drew prayer around me more often and retreated inside its protective walls.

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