My Thoughts on AI

So, thoughts on AI?

Mind-boggling. And amazing. Scary. And also sad. I asked AI to write blog posts, copy, Youtube scripts, poetry, short stories, essays, resumes, articles, HR manuals, social media posts, cover letters, country songs, raps, and even add musical notation. It has done everything almost flawlessly. It has generated stunning art pieces at a few commands in any style or interpretation I can imagine.

I am fascinated that so much productivity and ingenuity await at our fingertips. They say the mission of AI is to make life easier for humans. And in numerous ways, it will.

Is easier always best?

As a creative, I want the creatives to create, the writers to write, and the artists to express themselves in all mediums. I desire us to have a platform for our work and our passion. As AI noted yesterday in its generated poem: the poet’s words live on through a machine. No. And although I see AI offers one medium of expression, I hope we won’t believe it can replace the experience of vulnerable human emotion.

I take comfort that authentic writers, creatives, artists, and dancers (thankfully, AI can’t take dance!) will continue to do their thing.They must; no machine that can stop it. I just hope there will be a place left for it in the world.

This post was written by me. A human. Erin.

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