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Christian Pastor Preaches Jesus is the Way to Heaven

All eyes are on a particular pulpit this week, as a Christian pastor preached Jesus is the only way to heaven.

Sources close to the pastor say he might have gotten this bizarre idea from the Bible.

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I’m Bringing Vintage Slang Back. Those Modern Words Don’t know How to Act.

Listen, if our society needs anything right now, it’s these words returned to our vocabulary. Are you with me? Let’s make it happen.

Don’t be a Florence and Other Vintage Dating Advice That Should Be Used Today

Dating is hard, but no wonder! We’re doing it all wrong, well, us women anyway.

Follow these Vintage Dating Tips to Find your Perfect Modern Partner.

Congress Votes to Ban the Sun as Studies Show it Causes People to Leave Their Homes

The United States Congress voted Thursday to enact a law eliminating the sun after numerous studies show it may cause people to leave their houses.

Texas Replaces Vehicles with Horses Amid Gas Price Spike

All eyes are on the road tomorrow as Texans head out because it will not be an ordinary day. Texas Department of Public Safety, DPS, has unanimously endorsed horses and horse-drawn carriages to replace vehicles on all Texas highways and byways.

New CDC Guidelines Require 6′ Distancing From Computers

This week, the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention announced new guidelines on computer usage for children, teens, and adults. A distance of six feet is now required from a computer to protect oneself and others. These guidelines come in the wake of breakthrough,… Continue Reading “New CDC Guidelines Require 6′ Distancing From Computers”

FB Name Changes to End F*** Biden Chant

Facebook changes its name in an attempt for FB to not remind the public to chant F*** Biden.

Birds Aren’t Real

I have been fond of birds since I was a child. I have special memories of bird-watching in the backyard with my grandpa. Two parakeets lived in a cage in my bedroom in 5th grade. My daughter’s name means: beautiful bird. You can imagine,… Continue Reading “Birds Aren’t Real”

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