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Today I Am a Writer

They say to be a good writer, I must write every day, regardless if I want to or not. They say it separates the hobbyists from the skilled workers. The professionals from the amateurs. The women from the girls. I do write every day.… Continue Reading “Today I Am a Writer”

Joan’s Place

I rode my bike, a boy’s BMX racer, to school those days, even in the blistering Colorado deep freezes. Many mornings I’d watch the weather report forecast the risk of frostbite as I zipped up my three sizes too large coat and plodded out the door.

Susan’s Place

“I lived there at fourteen years old when my mom moved across the country…”

Vulnerable, Savage, Gritty, Dangerous, That’s Why – UPDATE

My oldest son needed to talk. A miracle this is, due to the effects of parental alienation. We met, and chatted for three hours and in the midst of our conversation he casually mentions that his dad asked him to clean out the garage. My post Vulnerable, Savage, Gritty, Dangerous, That’s Why was fresh, my emotions raw, and I practically begged him, “If anything in that garage is mine, please let me have it.”

A few days later a text stopped me in my tracks: “Mom, you have a lot of stuff here.”

Home on the Range: Laporte, Colorado

I once lived on a ranch at the foothills of the Rocky Mountains. Cowgirl Erin, teen addition. A beautiful, rural homestead in Laporte, Colorado, a town settled in 1828 on the Northern Front Range and on the banks of the Cache La Poudre River.… Continue Reading “Home on the Range: Laporte, Colorado”

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